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Emanuel Confidential for the MBE Audio Review

Emanuel Confidential for the MBE Audio Review


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Quick Overview

Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Media: mp3

Product Description

A convenient option for the busy law student—Emanuel Confidential for the MBE Audio Review gives you the same tips and tools as the print volume, but with the portability of audio files. You can listen to the mp3 audio tracks on your computer or download them to your mp3 player. Emanuel Confidential for the MBE offers the last-minute review that you require with the ease that you need during the crucial study period just before the bar exam.

Emanuel Confidential for the MBE features:
* Step-by-step analysis of each of the six subject areas on the Multistate Bar Exam
* Test-taking hints for specific areas of law

Constitutional Law: The Supreme Court’s Authority; the Concept of Federalism; Powers of the Three Federal Branches; the Federal Commerce Power; the Taxing and Spending Powers; the Separation of Powers; the Dormant Commerce Clause; the Supremacy Clause and Federalism; Tax and Regulatory Immunities; the Interstate Privileges and Immunities Clause; Due Process Generally; Substantive Due Process; Procedural Due Process; Equal Protection Generally; Suspect Classifications; General Themes; State Action; Time, Place and Manner Regulations; the Establishment Clause; Justiciability Generally; Standing; Mootness; Ripeness; Political Questions

Contracts: Introduction; Contracts for the Sale of Goods; Validity of Particular Kinds of Offers; Duration of the Power of Acceptance; Consideration Generally; Promissory Estoppel; Mutual Mistake; Unilateral Mistake; Reformation as Remedy; Parol Evidence Rule Generally; Situations Where Parol Evidence Rule Does Not Apply; Interpretation; Express Conditions; Constructive Conditions; Repudiation and Prospective Invalidity; Measure of Damages; Liquidated Damages; Assignment; Delegation of Duties; Third-Party Beneficiaries; Impossibility of Performance; Impracticability

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure: Actus Reus; Mens Rea; Concurrence; Self-Defense; Mental State; Impossibility; the Conspiratorial Objective; Accomplices—the Act Requirement; Murder—Generally; Felony Murder; Manslaughter—Involuntary; Manslaughter—Voluntary; Larceny; Embezzlement; Burglary; Robbery; General Principles of Criminal Procedure; Areas and People Protected by the Fourth Amendment; the Plain-View Doctrine; Introduction; Search Incident to Arrest; Consent Searches Generally; Electronic Surveillance; Introduction; Miranda Generally; the Rule Generally; Standing to Assert the Exclusionary Rule; the Good-Faith Warrant Exception; the Indigent’s Right to Counsel

Evidence: Balancing Probativity vs. Prejudice; Character Evidence; Settlements; Present Recollections Refreshed; Impeachment—Generally; Impeachment by Prior Criminal Conviction; Impeachment by Prior Bad Acts; Definition; Admissions; Spontaneous, Excited or Contemporaneous Utterances; the Business Records Exception; Learned Writings; Unavailability Required—Generally; Authentication of Writing; the Best Evidence Rule; Summaries of Voluminous Writings; Judicial Notice Generally

Real Property: Adverse Possession Generally; the Fee Simple; the Life Estate; Possibility of Reverter; Reversions; the Rule Against Perpetuities; Joint Tenancy; Tenancy in Common; Transfer and Sale by Lessor; Creation of Easements; Scope of Easements; Repair and Maintenance of Easements; Transfer and Subdivision of Easements; Equitable Servitudes/Restrictions; Land Sale Contracts; Deeds; Who Is Protected by a Recording Act; Purchaser Must Take Without Notice

Torts: Battery; Assault; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Trespass to Land; Abnormally Dangerous Activities; Consent; Self-Defense; Defense of Property; Private Necessity; Unreasonable Risk; Violation of Statute; Res Ipsa Loquitur; Proximate Cause Generally; Causation in Fact; Joint Liability; Contribution; Indemnity; Emotional Distress; Pure Economic Loss; Trespassers; Invitees; Comparative Negligence; Assumption of Risk; Employer-Employee Relationship; Independent Contractors; Wild or Dangerous Animals; Abnormally Dangerous Activities; Strict Product Liability; Duty to Warn; Private Nuisance; General Principles; Publication; Fault
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