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Dressler's Sum & Substance Audio on Criminal Law, 4th with Summary Supplement

Dressler's Sum & Substance Audio on Criminal Law, 4th with Summary Supplement


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Quick Overview

Publisher: West
Professor: Joshua Dressler
Media: mp3 (256MB), PDF (1MB)

Download 8.6 hours of lecture by Professor Dressler in mp3 format and a 25-page handout (PDF) and study Criminal Law anytime, anywhere. With SUM + SUBSTANCE you get dynamic lectures from gifted law professors whose years of teaching experience enable them to express even the most complex ideas clearly and succinctly.

Product Description

Overview of Major Topics Covered:
Sources of the Criminal Law; Criminal vs. Civil Law; Theories of Punishment; Principle of Legality; Burdens of Proof; Voluntary Act or Omission; Social Harm; Mens Rea; Strict Liability; Mens Rea Terms; Mistakes of Fact; Mistakes of Law; Actual Cause; Proximate Cause; Self Defense; Defense of Third Parties; Defense of Property; Defense of Habitation; Law Enforcement; Necessity; Duress; Intoxication; Insanity; Diminished Capacity; Introduction to Criminal Homicide; Murder: Malice Aforethought; Murder: First Degree vs. Second Degree; Murder: Model Penal Code; Voluntary Manslaughter: Common Law and Model Penal Code; Other Forms of Manslaughter: Common Law; Model Penal Code: Manslaughter and Negligent Homicide; Rape; Larceny; Embezzlement; False Pretenses; Criminal Attempts: Mens Rea; Criminal Attempts: Actus Reus; Criminal Attempts: Defenses; Criminal Solicitation; Conspiracy

About the Professor:
Joshua Dressler is the Edwin M. Cooperman Designated Professor of Law at Ohio State University College of Law. He has taught Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure for over 30 years, receiving “Best Professor” awards for teaching at various law schools. Dressler has also taught as a regular or visiting member of the faculties at U.C.L.A., University of California Berkeley—Boalt Hall, University of California at Davis, University of Michigan, Wayne State, University of Iowa, Hamline University, University of British Columbia, and McGeorge School of Law. He is an internationally recognized scholar, author of widely adopted casebooks in the fields of criminal law and procedure, and is the author of student-popular treatises in both criminal law and criminal procedure.
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