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Gilbert Law School Legends Audio Series: Criminal Law, 2005 ed.

Gilbert Law School Legends Audio Series: Criminal Law, 2005 ed.


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Quick Overview

Publisher: Gilbert Law Publishing (West)
Professor: Charles H. Whitebread
Media: mp3 (93MB), PDF (1MB)

Download a 4-hour lecture (mp3) and a 15-page handout (PDF) that will help you master this topic effortlessly.

Product Description

Product Overview:
With Law School Legends, you’ll get a brilliant law school professor explaining an entire subject to you in one simple, dynamic lecture. Law School Legends makes even the most difficult concepts crystal clear. You’ll understand the big picture and how all the concepts fit together. You’ll get hundreds of examples and exam tips, honed over decades in the classroom. But best of all, you’ll get insights you can only get from America’s greatest law professors.

Overview of Major Topics Covered:
Exam Tactics; Jurisdiction; Volitional Acts; Mental States; Specific Intent; Malice; General Intent; Strict Liability; Accomplice Liability; Inchoate Crime; Impossibility; Defenses; Insanity; Voluntary and Involuntary Intoxication; Infancy; Self-Defense; Defense of a Dwelling; Duress; Necessity; Mistake of Fact or Law; Entrapment; Crimes; Battery; Assault; Homicide; Common Law Murder; Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter; First Degree Murder; Felony Murder; Rape; Larceny; Embezzlement; False Pretenses; Robbery; Extortion; Burglary; Arson

About the Professor:
Professor Whitebread is an alumnus of Princeton University and Yale Law School, where he was an editor of the Yale Law Journal. He has taught at the University of Virginia School of Law and is currently the George T. Pflegar Professor of Law at the University of Southern California Law School. Professor Whitebread also lectures widely to judges’ conferences and is also on the faculty of the FBI’s National Academy. He has written numerous books and articles on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, including the popular hornbook on Criminal Procedure by Foundation Press.
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