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Refer a Friend, Save Some $


Refer a Friend, Save Some MoneyRefer a friend to If your friend makes a purchase, YOU save 15% on your next visit. So does your friend! Here's how it works:

1. Log in to your account. Under "My Account" select "Referred Friends".

2. Click on the large green "REFER A FRIEND" button that you see on the right side of your screen. A box will open where you can type a friend's e-mail address. Your friend will receive an e-mail that has a link to our site.

3. Your friend follows the link and makes a purchase. He receives 15% off his order, and you receive 15% off your next order. Your percentage is cumulative, so if two friends order, you receive 30% off your next purchase, if three friends order, you receive 45%, etc.**


**But wait . . . there's one VERY IMPORTANT detail: Your friend must visit either (1) from the link in the referral e-mail they receive OR (2) by following your identification link in the "Share the link with your friends:" box in your account. If your friend purchases a product but doesn't follow one of these 2 links when making the purchase, we won't know the referral came from you. And we won't be able to apply a discount to your friend's order either.




Now let us answer your questions:

Q: Can this discount be used with other promotions?

A: Yes! We won't stop you from saving money.



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