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Fischer's Sum & Substance Audio on Conflict of Laws, 4th

Fischer's Sum & Substance Audio on Conflict of Laws, 4th


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Quick Overview

Publisher: West
Professor: Thomas C. Fischer
Media: mp3 (134MB)

Download 4.7 hours of lecture by Professor Fischer in mp3 format and study Conflict of Laws anytime, anywhere. With SUM + SUBSTANCE you get dynamic lectures from gifted law professors whose years of teaching experience enable them to express even the most complex ideas clearly and succinctly.

Product Description

Overview of Major Topics Covered:
Introduction; What Is a Conflict?; History and Sources of Conflict of Laws; Three Subdivisions of the Subject; Domicile; Jurisdiction—In General; In Personam; In Rem; Quasi in Rem; Incidental Issues/Jurisdiction—Court Competence; Notice; Forum Non Conveniens; Transfer/Federal Courts; Party Choice; Choice of Law—In General; “Foreign” Causes of Action; Three Choice Methodologies; Vested Rights Choice/Tort and Contract; “Escape Devices”; Most Significant Relationship/Tort; Government Interest Analysis/Tort; Choice of Law/Contract; Statutes of Fraud; Usury; Worker’s Compensation Awards; Property (Immovable and Movable); Trusts, Succession, Wills and Estates; Agency; Partnerships; Corporations; Domestic Relations Law; Recognition of Judgments—Foreign Country Judgments/Comity; Domestic Judgments/Full Faith and Credit; Modifiable Judgments; Review of Judgments; Defenses; Federal/State (Erie) Problems; Constitutional Limits on Choice of Law; International Conflicts

About the Professor:
Professor Thomas C. Fischer received his A.B. with honors from the University of Cincinnati and his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, where, as Assistant Dean, he pioneered the admission of women and minorities. Subsequently, he was Assistant Executive Director of the American Bar Foundation and Associate Dean of the University of Dayton School of Law. In 1978 he became Dean and CEO of the New England School of Law, where he taught Conflict of Laws, Education Law, Civil Rights, and European Community Law until his retirement in 2003. Professor Fischer was a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge, Exeter, and Edinburgh Universities in the United Kingdom, the Universities of Konstanz and Muenster in Germany, and a Fellow of the Inns of Court, London. His books include: The United States, the European Union and the Globalization of World Trade; The Europeanization of America; and Legal Education, Law Practice and the Economy; as well as numerous articles covering a wide range of subjects. At present he is the Distinguished Academic in Residence at Seattle University School of Law.
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